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Remove Virus Protector

Posted by malwareremoval on February 21, 2010

Virus Protector is the program that will cause more destructions then help. Being wearing the mask of antispyware application, Virus Protector is indeed rogue security program that has no deal with computer protecting. While running, Virus Protector will send tons of alerts to the users stating about various infections inside the computer. Also such threats would be removed only if you visited the web site and purchase the license. Note that Virus Protector is rogue software and everything it warns you about should be ignored as they are definitely trustworthy. As well as annoying security pop-ups, all system scans that this badware performs cannot be believed in. In order to trick and influence people into spending their money without a purpose, Virus Protector will do its best to complete all its goals. Virus Protector is promoted through the usage of Trojans, so that would be very difficult to detect or notice something illegal and execrable is running on your computer. Also it is extremely difficult to work with the system that is infected with this nasty virus. The very first thing Virus Protector will perform is to make it impossible to get rid of it, by destroying or blocking all antivirus applications on your PC. Also, while surfing around the web, you will find the firewall alerts from Virus Protector informing about the insecurity of the web link you’d like to visit. In fact such pages just a security one, and are able to get rid of Virus Protector. All in all, Virus Protector is the application that should not be trusted and must be removed as soon as possible using Spyware Doctor + Antivirus, until huge damages has come.

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  1. malwareremoval said

    Found good removal guide heare:
    Remove Virus Protector Fake Antispyware

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