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Posted by malwareremoval on March 13, 2010

Antivirus 7 is misleading security application which main idea is to trick and scam users out of their money, without getting nothing profitable instead. Here is what everyone has to know about Antivirus 7 in order to keep their computers in safe and to keep more money in your wallets. First of all, Antivirus 7 is unreliable security software. It is determined to be such, as it does absolutely nothing for computer protecting. What is more, it does a lot for its own security. Its variety of harsh techniques is very impressive. Firstly it is going to block all legitimate antivirus programs on your computer. Secondly, the Task Manager would be enabled to open, as Antivirus 7 is going to modify it in such way. The last but not least, Antivirus 7 will not allow you to visit some web sites as they include tools that can remove this nasty infection. Furthermore, you will see various warnings about insecurity of such web pages. Like many of its predecessors Antivirus 7 uses the tactic of fake system scan. Such method is very useful and unfortunately it does work very often. Everything you have to remember is that Antivirus 7 is rogue security software, so nothing that comes from it should be trusted or, what is more, purchased, as it would be simple waste of your time and money. All in all, Antivirus 7 is application that has no need to use, and is highly recommended to be removed as soon as it is possible using Spyware Doctor + antivirus.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Antivirus 7


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