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Remove XP Defender Pro

Posted by malwareremoval on March 18, 2010

XP Defender Pro is the latest rogue antispyware product that is identical to XP Internet Security 2010. The difference between these two badwares is in their names, but everything else is absolutely analogous. XP Defender Pro invades your computers through the use of Trojan horses that will enter the system without any warning or permissions. All you need to know about XP Defender Pro is that your probably will get none of profit from using this fake security tool. The strategy of fake system scanning that this unreal security application is practicing is really working and you may easily be tricked by this. XP Defender Pro will alert about huge amount of infections, but their removal is impossible without purchased key. Moreover, there is no need to get rid of those malicious files, as they do not exist at all. Sometimes, among those determined infections might be important parts of Windows, so after you have removed them you will face tons of errors with using your machine. XP Defender Pro also removes all legitimate security programs on your desktop, so it would be absolutely insecure from the danger outside. All in all, XP Defender Pro is unwanted application that pretends to be the security tool, but will never remove any threat and moreover will not help with protecting of your PC. That is why it is recommended to remove this nasty software as soon as you can using SpywareDoctor.

Please note that complete removal of XP Defender Pro is only possible in Safe Mode (hold F8 while Windows starts). Only in Safe Mode parasite will be unable to protect itself from being removed, and you will be able to use removal tool and  get rid of XP Defender Pro easily and completely.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove XP Defender Pro

3 Responses to “Remove XP Defender Pro”

  1. mariana veyna said

    hi … well my computer has this Xp Defendor Pro …
    and the thing is that is doesn’t even let me got into any internet site…
    so can i just save the program to a USB and then use it in my computer ???

    please reply as soon as possible

  2. malwareremoval said

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I’ll do my best to help you to remove XP Defender Pro.
    As you already know XP Defender Pro was developed to trick people into purchasing absolutely useless application, and in order to protect itself from being removed parasite blocks almost all legitimate antivirus and antispyware applications and web sites where you can download removal tool or removal guide. That’s why it is strongly recommended to remove XP Defender Pro in Safe Mode (pres F8 while Windows starts). Only in Safe Mode you can use removal tool and uninstall XP Defender Pro completely. So, you can save removal tool onto your PC with a help of USB, and then use it in order to remove XP Defender Pro. Also it is possible to remove XP Defender Pro manually, but it is not recommended, because you must have good technical skills, know how to find,delete files and registry entries, because manual removal may seriously damage operational system and data. If you interested, I’ll try to help you and find good removal guide.
    Hope this will help you!

  3. mariana veyna said

    well i’m going to try this when i get home .. because the XP Defendre Pro .. doesn’t even let me get into any internet site…

    i’ll keep in touch to tell you about the progress of my computer …

    thanks so much for your assistance

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