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Ultimate Scan

Posted by malwareremoval on July 22, 2011

Ultimate Scan is not friendly towards users. It is but another virus, but under the guise of the worst enemy of viruses antivirus. Antivirus is just an attractive wrapping which conceals a virus of annoying kind. The purpose of its installation into computer systems is to claim activation fee. The activation allegedly enables such features of the software as filtration of downloads and extermination of current infections. However, instead of that the adware receives a kind of update which may include fake system registry cleaner and a kit of viruses. That is why even if you would say that you do not care wasting money, it is not reasonable to activate the adware. The only solution fort the issue is Ultimate Scan removal. The activations also do not eliminate popups of the counterfeit.
Click here to start free computer scan and get rid of Ultimate Scan as yet another pretended fix for viruses and other kind of threats which appears to be itself worth of the detention virus.

Screenshot from Trojan Killer!

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