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Get rid of File Repair badware

Posted by malwareremoval on August 13, 2011

File Repair is one of the rouge programs, designed to look like the true security suites. It penetrates the computer without your notice by means of the Trojan virus and starts to bug you with the pop-up ads stating misleading hazards on the PC. It hijacks the browser and blocks your normal antispyware if it is not up to date. Whenever you try to look for anything online, it redirects your browser to the suspicious websites and keeps showing on your screen win the window with the fake alerts. It continuously redirects you also to the “Buy” and “Download” menu – expecting that you would fill in your credit cards details. Do not perform this operation in any case. This is a badware, get rid of it from your PC with the help of legitimate anti-malware programs.

Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove File Repair

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