Malware Removal Information

Destroy spyware, malware, trojan horses


Since the moment of malware and viruses were invented, they infected and impaired millions of computer systems. Hackers created and introduced new rogue software and program codes on the non-stop basis. Users facilitated distribution and commercial success of hackers’ projects ignoring their computer security and purchasing rogue software.
This website is devoted mainly to commercial malware like rogue fake antispyware as that is a source of hackers’ power, for hackers collect registration fee from credulous users with such malicious software. This website aims at discontinuing malware development discovering and explaining the removal of programs which feed hackers; strong majority of these programs are fake system security tools. We believe that teaching users how to remove malware we prevent them from buying fake products and thus reduce incomes of hackers. That, in its turn, shall slow down malware development and finally eliminate it as such, for none (almost none) would work for fun.
There are actual descriptions of computer infections posted by category to enable users identify unwanted software and avoid its invasion. In case of infection the description of malware activities is helpful for users of infected computers to identify the threat and get necessary removal guide.
It is a policy of our website that malware is described in easy for understanding terms so that every user could interpret it correctly and derive relevant knowledge to improve the computer security and remove corresponding infection. Please, do not hesitate submitting your comments to any article to help us improve or to get the help as you required.

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