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Total Protect

Posted by malwareremoval on July 24, 2011

Total Protect collects information on system settings of computer system at which it has been downloaded. Subject to the situation peculiarities, such kind of spying activities take place prior to the adware installation finishing, simultaneously with the installation process or after installation. According to the collected info, it tries to adjust computer system in order to be able to start automatically and keep computer system from creating relevant entry in the Windows menu for managing installations (Add/Remove Programs Menu at Control Panel). Such behavior has been observed during the adware trials on test PC. Visible for user symptoms of the adware are available immediately on its installation and include windows of main menu of the program and alerts commenting on particular errors or viruses. Remove Total Protect as the program is devised to make fool of user. It wants user to buy deletion of fake detections. Worst of it is that it corrupts and weakens computer systems while some users do believe the program is true guard and allow themselves insecure behaviors. Read the rest of this entry »

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