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Posted by malwareremoval on September 27, 2009

SecuritySoldier is a brand new, but rogue antispyware application that was made to make as much money for its producers as possible. Do you know who those creators are? They are the pirates of a modern world, the high technologies world we should have said, and their name is “The Hacker”. SecuritySoldier is the malicious product that will not, under all circumstances, help you. Even more, it will do everything just to harm you. Once inside the user’s system, this software creates numerous files all over your computer. After that, it is going to scan your system. It is somehow suspicious, that every scan shows the same results that your PC is infected, don’t you think so? The reason is clear: SecuritySoldier just tries to scare you and make you believe that you need help. And SecuritySoldier is doing its best, to be your help. It will give you an immediate link, where you can purchase the license for this application. Only after that, you can fight those threats. Unfortunately, everything from the above is nothing more, but cheap performance. For a not small payment, you are going to get absolutely nothing. The reason is, you are fighting the unreal troubles. All of those threats, SecuritySoldier shows, are just a simple fake. If you have already purchased the license of SecuritySoldier, you must been tricked by this rogue antispyware application, and all of those money now belongs to hackers. Be careful with SecuritySoldier and all fake application of this type, and remove this program as soon as possible using SpywareDoctor + antivirus, though you have already purchase the license.


Download SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove SecuritySoldier

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